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AIR Cargo
Ship via air for a 7-day lead time

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Ship via sea for a 45-day lead time

Consolidate and ship

Buy from multiple stores and ship them to your address altogether via consolidate and ship

Local Pick Up Available

We pick up your box locally and give you replacement boxes. local rates apply We deliver in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

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Shop online from us stores and ship it to the Philippines even without a credit card

Other Services

Shipping Internationally
Expand your reach around the globe. Manila freight will ship internationally anywhere in the world with the most reliable courrier services.
LCL Services
Less Than Container (LCL) - Not enough shipment to fill-up a whole container? We consolidate your shipment with other returning residents. We provide out most care to prevent any mix up by placing labels and placing segregation block on individual shipments
Returning residents shipment
Whether you plan to ship your entire household or just a few personal items, Manila Freight will ship your belongings in the same condition in which they left. The idea is to Help our fellow countrymen to move their stuff in a timely and organize manner.
Customs-Clearing your Belongings
You will need some or all of the following documents in order to clear US and PH Customs:
- Passport, US Passport Holders requires either Dual citizenship or 13-G immigrant Visa available at Philippine Consulate . Please download forms Application for Immigrant Visa Forms 3 and 11.
- Detailed packing list with value of content
- Proper proof of tax exemptions, if entitled
- Copy of agreement with Manila Forwarders
- Delivery order notice
For Dual Citizens:
- Philippine Passport
- American Passport
- Birth Certificate (additional requirement)
- Oath of Allegiance for Dual Citizens
- Identification Certificate
Commercial or donation shipments, please email us the details.

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About us

Manila Freight Corporation was an established business in California, USA in 2013 but its history as a family-run enterprise dates longer than that. Neil Sanchez, Founder and CEO of MFC already started the consolidation business since 2004 and together with the MFC team, they have served more than a thousand loyal clients for almost 14 years.

MFC’s vision is to make shopping and shipping from the US even more accessible to Filipinos back home and prides itself with the mission to provide a service as personal as the items they ship.

Each client has a dedicated handler to take care of all their shopping and shipping needs